Content Marketing

Content is the king in website business. It is what keeps your company website alive. It is not your great and amazing service and the  technical staff you have but how you represent them. What text, images, audios and videos. What graphics and infographics are pinned on your website. These will sell your quality service and technical expertise.

In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an article saying it is content that there is real money in the internet. Impress your audience giving them a clear, informed content in a variety and you have the money. Inappropriate content ruins your reputation which you took years and effort to build. A negative review not well handled can cause you lose of millions dollar in terms of customer migration.  How you respond to complaints to your sites is key, with the complainant having only 60 minutes for his response that can keep him or lock him out. If he is locked out his friends and family are also like to be lost.

Videos cater for the audience that prefer it, graphics also for a different audience. How you present it matters. Accurate, up-to-date and engaging is what must be done.

We create content for companies, NGO, institutions and also private individuals to communicate with their target audience. Content is one sure path of attracting traffic to your website, which in turn translates into customers. Content of quality, engaging, informative and with a cutting-edge to your customers need is a plus for you, your company, brand and products.

We write reviews of your products, services and general activities creating customer loyalty and further engagement with your audience. At Waoni we give timely updates of relevant material, identify the customer behavior, engage them and their influencers and develop a sustainable response to their needs and behavior with freshness and customer ease.