Development of own Customizable social network

Development of own customized Social Network

You can have your own version of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social network you admire or dream of! Aesthetically tailored to your business vision and customers; whatever the business you need what you and others identify with easily.

Social networks can be tailored in different forms depending the purpose, yet the fact remains that it enhances communication between different parties, gives a sense of ownership and has great potential of increasing work efficiency. We have:1) Personal Social Networks and 2) Professional Social Networks.

A personal social network is one you can use for connecting and sharing between friends, family and colleagues. Whether you want to share your interests, connect with other mom, or share your photos with family and friends, we can help create it for you.

Having a personalised social network is key to your business for it creates a feeling of unity and ownership. Your employees will boast about this since it will contain all that meets the needs of your company and customers. These can include applications your customers request for , what your employees desire to improve productivity and efficiency.

Examples of personal social networks include: Yahoo Pulse, Classmates, Wikia, Cafemom,Fanpop and so many others.

On the other hand, you can have a professional social network that will help you connect with business, business persons in the sma e field of your business or from a different field for diversity.  It helps you share ideas and business related issues from fellow business counterparts. It is a great platform for connection for instance LinkedIn that connects professionals, suggest job vacancies for them in their field of expertise.

Examples includes: LinkedIn, Networking for Professionals, PartnerUp, PerfectBusiness, Biznik and many others.

Social networks avail great opportunities for every business improving relations between the employees and the stakeholders. It also furthers business to business relations that is a plus for any other business the fact that ideas are shared and experiences related to.

It also enables further technology, since relationships are kept alive through communication, grand businesses using advanced technologies share the same with their new friends whom they connected with the social network. This in turn increases the productivities of the business.

Waoni will customise your social network to meet all your organisational and inter-organisational goals ranging from short term goals to long term goals, client relations and in-house relations. Get in touch with us NOW: We are you!