management of social media

Management of Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Power without control is nothing! Taking full responsibility of your facebook, twitter and google plus account sites can bring great rewards for your company. Running with a personal touch in accordance to the acceptable social standards opens doors for a great wider audience. Your facebook, twitter, Google+ and other accounts needs timely management. What is published there can affect your brand negatively causing losses incurred.

What avenues have you availed your customers to connect to you? Are still glued on to the traditional emails or letters or do your employees have facebook, twitter and google accounts yet the company has no social network account. How do you relate to your audience? Creating and proper management of  your facebook, twitter and other social network accounts will increase interaction opportunities thereby increasing traffic, and more awareness of your brand across a broad platform.

According the Edison Research 42% of consumers expect a quick response of 60 minutes to their complains from the time of publication in a company’s social media profile. Failure to meet this need results to negative publication about a given brand lowering your revenue and profits.Your reputation is no exceptional!

We adapt and modify your facebook, twitter and google+ accounts to the acceptable social practices giving you a wide audience as possible. This involves timely updates with images, videos, texts and other important links related to your area of business. We do it alongside your team that verify specific queries from consumers thereby keeping them hooked on your brand.

All these social networks are linked to your major business website giving you total control of your consumers and business. Your success is our crown.We are you.