reportinggProgress is invisible without followup and evaluation. Vision without action is no work done.Every business needs tracking to earmark strengths and areas of improvement.

There is no way you will account for your resources without a clear system of description of your business. You need detailed reporting that highlight all your inputs in a quantifiable manner for example in tables, slide presentations, graphs and text that keep you tracking your investment.

Waoni has developed a systematic thorough reporting strategy to give your business better ground to flourish. You will know the kind of people who visit your site, the gadgets they use, what part of the world they come from even their age and the time they are most active. You will know whether it is their first time or they are regular visitors who have an interest in your brand.

This report gives you deep insights of how to handle your customers and fully and sustainably satisfy their needs and expectations. We will help you these:

  1.  Website Traffic Monitoring,
  2. Traffic Analysis and
  3. Traffic Analysis Reporting