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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization is concerned with how much visibility you have on the different social network platforms. How deep does your message penetrate in the social network world. Does it go viral, or it remains for your web administrator to look at. If they search out your company name of product, shall they get a facebook or twitter or google or any other social network referral. If not you need to optimize your social media platforms.

SMO is such a great signal to your website position drawing 7/10 of all searches. Social media platforms generate more than half of the searches made in the search engines for any active company with the accounts and pages. This is contributes to your position in the search engines which rewards with customer loyalty for more than 94% of the top ranking websites are visited. It presents your brand a good name-it acts as a reputation management tool for your company since  it is in all popular social media sites like facebook, twitter and others.

Your brand’s visibility in the social media rewards with a position of reaching millions of users across the globe. It therefore offers your website an increasing number of traffic. Traffic monitoringTraffic analysis and Traffic analysis reporting is carried, presenting you with great insights of you customers helping in directing your actions.When you deal with an audience you are familiar with, you greater power and control. Waoni helps your brand and company go viral in the social media platforms.

We increase your online business presence reaching a large audience through optimizing your facebook, twitter, google+ and related social media. We also carry out optimization of your website to authoritative websites, quality links, related blogs and directories increasing your website’s overall performance. The result is increased visibility of your brand online.