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Social Network Design and Management

Reputation management

Social networks can push you up or pull you down. Everyday millions of comments, tweets,likes are made containing appropriate or inappropriate content across the web.The recent CEO, Social Media and Leadership Survey (2013), which puts it that on a daily basis more than 340 million tweets are made. These have a hand for or against your business. We help customise your social networks for the good of your company.

A social network is a professional tool that is valuable to your company; it is useful aiding to improving communications within the company, reducing spam emails. With a professional social network you can manage meetings, with more person in different places for example using skype voice and video calls, chats and so on. It is helpful in improving stakeholder relations as the company freely communicates with her customers, creating a database. A company that uses a tool like facebook can coordinate communication but is unable to create a contact database which a blend of the social networks can help bridge this gap.

Social networks have proven great grounds to expand businesses like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter can boost your business reaching the widest audience.They provide platform to interact, network and share ideas. They also promote electronic mouth to mouth spread of your brand to a wider audience.

The beauty in the social networks is achieved with appropriate management; Waoni will help set up the social network customised to your specifications and manage it timely rewarding you with a wide audience.Your brand shall settle in their hands, hearts and heads. We will connect you to them and them to you.