Turning visibility to profits and Accountability

Turning visibility to profits and Accountability is our goalWe take care of your websites and your profiles on social networking sites to increase traffic to your sites and your popularity. But what are the true goals:

Turning visibility to profits: Waoni will assist turn every single ‘click’ into a ‘client’ generating profits for your company with a reputable brand. With the latest tools, we are equipped to equip your profit margins. Do not wonder how this will be done? We will surprise you beyond your expectations. We will do this:

  • Create profit from every single click: Every visit to your website is a potential customer who was drawn to the site for some reason. This reason must be dug out and constantly addressed. Our study of visitors to your website and social network profile generates a wealth of information on your visitors. We will use these data to make your clients identify more with your brand, therefore expanding your clientele and increasing your company’s profits.
  • Increase the loyalty of your clients: We will always create new and engaging content that will keep your clients coming back to the website and social network pages. A friendly user experience will help the visitors spend more time on your sites, therefore getting to know more in detail your products and services. The more time spent on your site amidst great content increase website traffic.
  •  Increase the success in e-commerce websites: we customize your website around your business, presenting you with all necessary tools such as shopping carts, payment system, clear database of products and more, all tools that will enable easy navigation through your website.

Accountability: We ensure that our clients  achieve maximum transparency in their goals, strategies and plans. With a constant monitoring strategy, we assist you be accountable to yourselves and your customers. We will communicate to your audience your values and vision, as well as the action that your organisation is taking to achieve its goals. Sharing this information with your clients, supporters or people interested in what you do will help you achieve greater transparency and bring your audience closer to you.

  • Monitoring of results: how is your website performing, we carry out detailed monitoring identifying what your strength is and what can be done to perform better. This gives you great powers to control the direction of your business.
  • Knowledge of the results achieved: WE select critical indicators that will help us assess the performance of your website or social network page. Through this detailed analysis we will study every part of your business website and give you an insightful report.
  • Knowledge of the potential: During the analysis, we pull out your potential and recommend what to be done to alleviate your weaknesses, while highlighting the more positive sections of your business. The positive section of your business is boosted and solidly managed.