About Us

Who are Waoni Technologies 

Waoni Technologies Ltd is a reputation management and web agency providing IT solutions to companies. We are made up of web specialists, business geeks, media gurus and researchers whose work cut across a diverse scope helping your brand reach better heights. These include:

  • Website Design and Development;
  • Social Network Design and Management;
  • Social Media Marketing;
  • online branding;
  • Reporting and
  • Content marketing.

We deliver real results beating your expectation.

Everyone at Waoni longs to maximise your identity exposure in the best light online and offline generating profits for your company. This is done using the latest cutting-edge technology. We build, maintain and expand company brands across all internet fora with the aim of creating a strategy for effective communication between you and your most important clients grounded on a clean name.

We do this with an eye for detail and focus on quality in line with our your vision. Small and big companies are all welcome.


Waoni delights in a concrete experience of more than 12 years in the different areas of IT-web and social media network design and management (including e-commerce, joomla, WordPress. Other areas include database, software development, business intelligence etc.); marketing and consultancy.

We also have considerable experience in the media, and branding. All these experiences are channeled to your business to give the brand a clear-cut niche in the market.

Waoni has worked closely in emerging markets in Asia and Africa. Companies in Greater China, Hong Kong, in West Africa Ghana and East Africa both with Larocca and Associates Ltd and Cosmo Group.