Website Development

Web Development

Well designed, maintained and promoted websites have the capacity to generate more business and boost awareness of your company, personality and product. Waoni delivers to your desk a complete web development service including gathering information, planning, design, development/construction, testing and delivery and maintenance. Here is the process of development.

Gathering information: Information is an integral part of website development where we deeply understand your business in terms of purpose, goals, targets and content. This helps in the development of the website whether for generating money or sharing information.

Planning: The information gathered assists in planning for the website in terms of the interface i.e. appearance. A well designed and customer friendly interface attracts more people for your company because many customers will visit and you in turn benefit.

Design: The feel and look of your website is largely achieved at this point. The logo and company colors are inserted to stress your company identity. Closeness between the designer and you the company is important for you to share all ideas and the designers implement translate them to a beautiful website.

Development: We transform the prototype into a functioning website. It’s here that other features are included like the Content Management System (CMS), the e-commerce chart and an interactive contact form.

The font and web development is also maximised including writing valid HTML / CSS codes applicable to current web standards, capitalizing functionality and accessibility.

Testing and delivery: This includes completing the form functionality and other specifications involving compatibility, optimisations, validation of codes and many more. That is not all. Uploading the website using File Transfer Protocols (FTP) to the server is also done.

It’s at this point that we host your website, and register your domain name. In cases of CMS, we carry out plugin installations. Validation of codes helps in SEO which positions your website ranking in the different search engines.

Maintenance: Waoni carries out this important function for you if you, because what drives a website is the content that it’s fed. Maintenance involves timely update of content and uploading new information in an engaging way. We move a step ahead and share it through different social media platforms to reach a bigger audience. We garnish your website with videos, images, infographics and many more.