web-design and maintenance

Website Architecture

We plan and design websites based on technical and intellectual strategies of organizing content. This includes layout, structures and architecture positioning of your website at the top.

We develop the structure framing your website in a professional way, helping in determining the appearance of your website on a desktop, laptop or a mobile device. Like a skeleton, so is the structure of your website, well knit bones give a strong and attractive outward form. The structure lays ground for the later architectural work. This first structure design implies deep understanding of your business, so that the website will guide your customers through a logical and clear journey through your key features like the vision and strategies of achieving them.

Next is the actual architectural work giving it an attractive interface, blended with graphics, videos and animations, resulting in an engaging personal user experience.  The more user-friendly a website is the greater the number of users that will visit and associate with it for it is an environment suitable and familiar to them. We give your website a cool first impression that the visitor will always refer to, like an amazing commercial plaza in a street corner that gives an image of elegance to the face of the town. That is what your website should do out-shadowing all other websites and especially those of your competitors.

Your website is tailored around your business matching your long term and short term vision and to users also who crave for what to associate with enjoying an amazing experience. It becomes home to your customers and their pride for the elegance which is a plus for the great quality of services you provide.

Your website architectural build up is very important since it is the foundation for your website’s future functionality. We help you choose a modern and fashionable theme that is compatible that meets the highest standards. You would not want to struggle with a theme that is not compatible with useful plugins and other functionalities that contribute to the style and effectiveness of your website.

Waoni will smartly craft your website make-up attracting more visitors, on the other hand leaving them more than satisfied to visit again. And again.