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Website traffic monitoring

Is your website doing its job? Is creating awareness of your brand to the millions of the online community? Is it satisfying their needs? Yes or no, we can help sieve that!

Monitoring is important for any visionary work  in progress and soon getting terminated. Monitoring every step of your work which helps you predict the final result is key to your website.


First, our goal is to enable you gain understanding of your website through tracking the following: number of visits (how many of them come on an hourly basis, daily basis, weekly basis and so forth); number of visitors first time and those who often come back (hourly, daily, weekly and so forth); bounce rate (how many hit your site and do nothing while on the website. Do they participate in an additional content e.g. view images, watch videos etc.); duration of stay (how long do the visitor stay on your website).

That’s not all. Visit flow (where and how do they get to you website); location (where do your visitors come from? Are they local from your neighborhood or from Iceland!); Site navigation (did the customers get to you through social network referrals, direct hits or paid for advertisement!) Finally, though not all, goals and events.

Since We are You, you got the right people.